The Box Truck Night Market at the Pueblo Mini Maker Faire
Friday October 27th 5pm – 10pm

What is a Box Truck Night Market?

The installation artists who participate in the Lost Horizon Night Market resource their box trucks for the day and deck them out with outlandish props that transform the trucks into vehicles of fantasy. Contact us if you need a box truck for your project, we have a few donated from Roots Recycling!

How was it started?

The first Box Truck Night Market was in Brooklyn, New York, 2009. Two Box Truck Night Markets have been held in Colorado, one in Boulder 2012 and another in Denver 2015. Both events featured local and regional artists interactive installations and shows inside the trucks.

“Every so often, in a dark unwatched corner of the city, box trucks full of D.I.Y. art, puppets, and bizarrely themed entertainment pull up and fill a couple of blocks. The trucks are told to look normal on the outside, but around 9 p.m., a crowd materializes, the trucks open their back doors, and the Lost Horizon Night Market is revealed.” (D. Holt, 2012)

“They had stumbled on Lost Horizon Night Market, a nocturnal art carnival making its fifth appearance in New York, where trucks transform into interactive dioramas, small theaters for sublime and bizarre entertainments.” (J. Bruder, 2011)

Pueblo Mini Maker Faire: Lost Horizon Night Market

Will feature box truck installations as a part of the Fire and Lights show October 27th 5pm – 10pm for the Fire & Lights Show at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. Producers are invited to propose a box truck for the event, we have a few trucks available for your use if your team is in need of a truck please let us know how we can help your idea come to fruition.

photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid


When: Friday October 27th 5pm – 10pm
Where: Colorado State Fairgounds (Sunshine Park)

How: Register to bring your Box Truck to the PMMF

We want to know:

  1. Size
  2. Installation or Project Description
  3. List any potential hazards



  1. No alcohol, drugs or food
  2. no obscene language or content
  3. must be interactive
  4. art and interactioin must be “in the box”



  1. Best Box Truck Concept
  2. Peoples Choice Box Truck
  3. Makers Chioce Box Truck

Apply at: Call for Makers


The Lost Horizon Night Market (dot) Com


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